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ATI Reporting



  • Jennifer Mikulski

    Just to clarify, these are the same reports & data that we've been utilizing already, correct? I've been copying and pasting data to the ATI portal for almost a year now using the above data in addition to our external payroll data.

  • Mary Payton

    Jennifer Mikulski Yes that is correct! 

  • Robbie Daugherty

    I think there is some confusion about what "Total Estimated Sales" means.    It's not the estimated amount for your Total Sales it's the total amount of all the work your advisors estimate for the week.  

    I don't think that number is anywhere on the "End of Day" report.  I was using the service writer report to generate a number for that field, but I found out that the service writer report includes all RO's that were open for the week not just the ones written that week.  This means that if a customer takes 3 weeks to decides whether to do a job, that job will be included in Total Estimated Sales for all three weeks.  It would be awesome if there were a better way to find this number. 

  • Mary Payton

    Robbie thank you for providing this! I have now added a report to this article that will allow your shop to see your total estimated sales. The Hacker Tracker report is build off of work that has been authorized by the customer but not yet posted. 


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